Book Review: Of Blood and Deceit (2019)

Of Blood and Deceit (Blood Descent, #1) by Rachel A. Collett

“Ilianna, in my kingdom, if you plan on seeing the person again, if you want to see them again, you do not say goodbye. It’s bad luck.”

Oh my gosh, this book was such a gem to stumble across!

I was initially drawn in by the gorgeous (GORGEOUS) cover and the fact that there’s a main character called Prince Castiel.

This Castiel is much different, however. He’s a magician with an immense amount of power who instantly becomes protective of Ilianna.

Castiel and Ilianna start making heart eyes at each other from minute one and I freaking adored their interactions. Ilianna is such an easy character to root for and I liked her instantly. Riaan (the king) and Castiel have great bro banter as well.

The whole plot with the Wraith Queen was awesome and I can’t wait to see what book two brings!

Currently Reading

I found some really great books this week. I wrapped up reviews for An Honest Man, Paper Castles and 7 Days in Hell. I stumbled across Voice of War thanks to SPFBO, and I’m really enjoying it so far! It’s looking to be a great epic fantasy, although the opening scene was A BIT SHOCKING, YO! I also got an ARC of Wendy, Darling, which I’m liking! It’s like a dark sequel of Peter Pan, where Wendy was sent to an asylum after returning from Neverland, and when Peter finally comes back years later, he’s not the sweet boy she remembers. I also got Of Blood and Deceit, which drew me in right away with it’s lush cover and the fact that the main love interest is ‘Prince Castiel’ and my Supernatural fangirl heart was sold immediately. It’s really good, too! I’m excited to see how it ends – and there’s a sequel!

What’s everyone else reading lately? 🙂