Master List of My Books


The Outlands Pentalogy: A Touch of Death | A History of Madness | A Promise of Return | A Dance of Lies | A Time of Prophecy \\ dystopian, action/adventure, science fiction, lgbt, romance // map of the kingdom \\ multiple povs.

Dust & Lightning // novella, science fiction, adventure

Haze \\ urban fantasy, romance, mystery

A Game of Wings and Marks // urban fantasy, romance

Spellbinding \\ anthology, fantasy, multiple authors

A Map for The Outlands Pentalogy

My immensely talented friend Jenna-Claire Ellis created a map of the Kingdom of Cutta from The Outlands Pentalogy, and is kindly letting me share it with everyone! I’m honestly so blown away by how beautiful it is!


Map of Cutta ©Jenna-Claire Ellis

Book links: A Touch of Death (dystopian sci-fi, action/adventure, romance) | A History of Madness (dystopian sci-fi, action/adventure, romance) | A Promise of Return (dystopian sci-fi, action/adventure, LGBT romance) | A Dance of Lies (dystopian sci-fi, action/adventure, romance) | A Time of Prophecy (dystopian sci-fi, action/adventure, LGBT romance).