Book Review: Release (2017)

Release by Patrick Ness

As I was reading this, my mind kept likening it to The Wicker King and The Monsters We Deserve, although neither of those is really similar. Maybe just along the same vibe? Release takes place over the course of the day and tells two stories: one is Adam’s, a gay teenager in an Evangelical home with a family he doesn’t feel loved by; the other is the story of a Queen and her faun. I quite liked both stories, for different reasons. I adored Adam and my heart ached for all he went through (and in the course of a freakin’ day, poor lad!). I really enjoyed the Queen’s tale, too, although I think more of a connection between the two stories would have been nice. Maybe just a bit longer, perhaps?

I really liked Angela, Adam’s bestie, and Marty, his brother. Marty was definitely a complicated character with some frustrating moments, but by the end I really liked his character. I wanted a few more scenes with him and Adam, though!

All in all, a very good story and my first one by Patrick Ness. Can’t wait to read more by him!

Rec: Moïra Fowley-Doyle’s Books

Our family tree blew down in a gale and we are the bad apples it shook off.

I read Moïra Fowley-Doyle’s Spellbook of the Lost and Found last year and absolutely adored it. Set in Ireland, the book has a sweet f/f pairing, bi rep, great relationships between siblings and friends, and lovely prose. It’s a magical realism novel and does the genre proud. It totally captivated me and I really wanted to check out her other works, so I bought All the Bad Apples recently. I’m really enjoying it so far!

If you love books with magical realism set in Ireland, definitely check these out!