Book Review: 7 Days in Hell (2020)

7 Days in Hell by Iseult Murphy

“Run,” screamed the primal, fight or flight part of her. “Run before they eat you.”

I don’t read a whole lot of horror. (I still need to finish The Exorcist, which I’m like 1/3 of the way through.) But pitch me a horror novel (really, a novel, poem, song, etc) set in Ireland and I’m so there.

This book follows Vicky and Irene, twin sisters, and their dog Ronnie, as they take a sojourn to a small Irish town and quickly find far more than they bargained for.



I loved how immersive Murphy’s writing is. There’s such great detail and atmosphere in the scene setting. She really paints a vivid, terrifying tale. Poor Irene, Vicky and Ronnie 😦

This is a book horror fans should definitely check out – and it appears there’s a sequel, too!

Photography Post: Random Shots of Ireland

I don’t post a whole lot of photographs online in general, mostly because I’m just not very good and there’s so many amazing photographers out there, but I have a few nice ones on my phone from over the summer, so I thought I’d share them. ♡

© 2020 Rebecca Crunden
© 2020 Rebecca Crunden
© 2020 Rebecca Crunden
© 2020 Rebecca Crunden
© 2020 Rebecca Crunden
© 2020 Rebecca Crunden

If anyone wants to post links to their own photographs, please do! ♡

(Audio)Book Review: Days Without End by Sebastian Barry

Days Without End by Sebastian Barry, narrated by Aidan Kelly [lgbt+, historical fiction]

that strange love between us. Like when you fumblin’ about in the darkness and you light a lamp, and the light comes up and rescues things. Objects in a room and the face of the man who seem a dug-up treasure to you. John Cole seems a food; bread of Earth. The lamplight touching his eyes and another light answering.

5 HEARTS-IN-MY-EYES STARS for Thomas McNulty, Handsome John Cole, little Winona, and an epic historical fiction novel whose central cast is a gay couple and their adopted daughter.

A man’s memory might have only a hundred clear days in it and he has lived thousands. Can’t do much about that. We have our store of days and we spend them like forgetful drunkards. I ain’t got no argument with it, just saying it is so.

*faints from prose fangirling*

We knew what to do with nothing. We were at home there.


Rec: Moïra Fowley-Doyle’s Books

Our family tree blew down in a gale and we are the bad apples it shook off.

I read Moïra Fowley-Doyle’s Spellbook of the Lost and Found last year and absolutely adored it. Set in Ireland, the book has a sweet f/f pairing, bi rep, great relationships between siblings and friends, and lovely prose. It’s a magical realism novel and does the genre proud. It totally captivated me and I really wanted to check out her other works, so I bought All the Bad Apples recently. I’m really enjoying it so far!

If you love books with magical realism set in Ireland, definitely check these out!