Film Review: Breaking and Entering (2006)

Hm. This was an enthralling film, definitely. I’m not sure if I really liked it, but it wasn’t bad. I think my issue is that I have to really fall in love with the characters to totally enjoy a movie, even when the acting and plot are great. This one had the acting for sure. Everyone in this is extremely talented and I loved all the actors I spotted: Jude Law, Vera Farmiga, Robin Wright, Juliette Binoche. It was especially nice seeing Rafi Gavron in a central role, as I haven’t really seen him since Life Unexpected (underrated show!).

This movie follows Will, an architect who is having issues at home with his partner of many years and their daughter. When his office is burgled continuously, Will begins staking out the building to catch the thief in the act. During his nights, he begins interacting with a prostitute who buys him coffee in exchange for sitting in the warm car. When he finally catches the thief, Will chases him home and sees that his mother is the same woman he ran into at the park. On a (weird) whim, Will inserts himself into their lives and things quickly unravel for everyone.

There were definitely aspects of this movie that I liked. Will was a good father and I liked his relationship with Liv and Bea. The moments where he was being a good dad were great. I liked Oana, too. She was super funny. Not sure what I thought of Amira? I could empathise with her a lot, but she did so many questionable things. Like why, girl. WHY. Will was so questionable, too. So, yeah, it’s definitely a movie worth watching because it’s very well acted, but I did struggle with liking the characters as much as I wanted.

THAT SAID, the ending was great. Like, truly. I loved the final court room scene with everyone and the drive home scene, too. I think as a couple Will and Liv worked, I just didn’t want the side plot with Amira. I feel like it wasn’t necessary. But that is totally a matter of personal preference! All in all, a solid movie that I’m surprised I haven’t heard of before.