Dawson’s Creek Rewatch (Part 2)

spoilery (✿◠‿◠)

I apparently have a lot of feelings about Dawson’s Creek and a second post is required!

Carrying on from my previous post, my Dawson’s Creek rewatch continues and so DOES THE EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOSTER. I’m now partway through season two and I’m constantly stunned by how impressive this show is, especially for its time. The characters are very well written and there’s such a running theme of genuine sincerity throughout the show that I’m just moved by. (I’m all about good vibes these days and let me just say, this show is the perfect break from reality right now.)

Season two tackles Jack’s coming out storyline, the return of Joey’s father, Jen’s struggles with her aunt and her personal happiness, Andie’s mental health crisis, Dawson’s parents’ divorce and subsequent dating adventures, and love stories on all sides.

I’m just gonna start with my favourites: Jack and Pacey. Jack’s dating Joey – who’s smitten with him – when his bitter, angry teacher decides to make Jack read a personal poem in front of the class. The poem was meant to be only for the teacher’s eyes and is about another man. Jack leaves the class in tears. This is followed by Pacey spitting in his teacher’s face. Pacey is honestly the most amazing ally in these episodes and I STAN A GOOD MAN. Later, when he confronts Andie about her being bothered by Jack’s homosexuality, he tells her straight out that he’s disappointed in her. He further refuses to apologise to the school for standing up for Jack and is genuinely delighted when Jack thanks him at the end. Pacey is honestly so pure. THESE PRINCES.

Pacey’s amazing treatment of Jack is also mirrored in his wonderful treatment of Andie, who struggles with her mental health throughout the season. He’s open and understanding, promising to stand by her side through what’s to come. The scene where she locks herself in her room, hallucinating Tim, her and Jack’s late brother, is gutting. In the aftermath, Jack is forced to recall his dad – who was last seen telling Jack that he didn’t want him to be gay – for Andie’s safety, and the end result isn’t great for anyone. Jack’s father continues to be homophobic and suggest conversion therapy, but Jack stands up for himself and tells his father that while he wants his dad to be proud of him, he won’t compromise who he is. I’m definitely bummed that Andie left at the end, leaving Pacey and Jack brokenhearted, but I’m glad Jack stayed behind and gets Jen to move in with him at the end.

This season also had a lot of classmate Chris (Jason Behr) and resident drama llama Abby, who bonds with Jen while stirring up chaos with everyone else around her, often with Chris’ help. I thought they were really great minor characters and I wish we’d had them around longer. The actors were superb!

I’m stoked for the rest of this rewatch! (Clearly.)