Indie Book Reviews

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Book Review: Legacy of the Brightwash // [fantasy, dystopian, romance, lgbt+, mystery, crime]
Book Review: Werewolves Don’t Celebrate Hanukkah // [children’s book, judaism, holidays, humour]
Book Review: The Battle That Was Lost // [novella, dark fantasy, action/adventure]
Book Review: A Handful of Souls // [fantasy, grimdark, action/adventure]
Book Review: Bound (2021) // [urban fantasy, romance, lgbt+]
Book Review: The Goddess of Nothing At All (2021) // [mythology retelling, dark fantasy, romance]
Book Review: Starlight (2021) // [urban fantasy, romance, action/adventure]
Book Review: Safelight (2021) // [contemporary, romance, fiction]
Book Review: The Hidden King (2019) // [action, adventure, lgbt+, romance, fantasy]
Book Review: Fear and Fury (2021) // [superheroes, romance, action, humour]
Book Review: Dim Stars (2020) // [outer space, adventure, humour]
Book Review: The 13th Zodiac (2021)
 // [fantasy, romance]
Book Review: The Ghost Beside Me (2019) // [short story, fantasy]
Book Review: A Walrus & A Gentleman (2021) // [lgbt+, fantasy]
Book Review: Wonder Rush (2021) // [spy thriller, YA]
Book Review: Emma and the Minotaur (2013) // [action/adventure, fantasy]
Book Review: Fever Dreams (2021) // [short stories, horror]
Book Review: The Summoner’s Cry (2021) // [novella, fantasy]
Book Review: Tamsen’s Ridge (2020) // [novella, romance]
Book Review: A Haunting at Hartwell Hall (2021) // [novella, romance, lgbt+]
Book Review: Landfill Mountains (2021) // [post-apocalyptic, action/adventure]
Book Review: Dark (2019) // [urban fantasy, romance]
Book Review: Partners in Crime (2021) // [novella, romance, lgbt+]
Book Review: I Love You S’more (2021) // [novella, romance]
Book Review: Trail Markers (2021) // [western, historical fiction]
Book Review: Along for the Ride (2021) // [novella, romance]
Book Review: Hoglets’ Christmas Magic (2021) // [children’s, holiday]
Book Review: Gathering of the Four (2021) // [dystopian, fantasy, action/adventure]
Book Review: The Stars Will Guide Us Back (2021) // [short stories, audiobook, lgbt+]
Book Review: The Wolf and the Water (2020) // [fantasy, romance]
Book Review: Paint Me Yours (2021) // [novella, romance]
Book Review: Untouched (2021) // [action/adventure, suspense, lgbt+]
Book Review: The Cracked Reflection (2021) // [short story, fantasy]
Book Review: Tales of Solomon Pace (2014) // [audiobook, fantasy]
Book Review: May Day (2020) // [urban fantasy, mystery, romance]
Book Review: The Girl in White (2017) // [fantasy, mystery]
Book Review: Into the Dark (2021) // [action/adventure, superhero]
Book Review: The Murder Next Door (2021) // [historical fiction, romance, murder, lgbt+]
Book Review: Of Blood and Deceit (2019) // [fantasy, romance]
Book Review: Paper Castles (2021) // [contemporary fiction]
Book Review: 7 Days in Hell (2020) // [horror]
Book Review: Jinnik (2020) // [non-fiction]
Book Review: The Flight of the Darkstar Dragon (2019) // [action/adventure, fantasy]
Book Review: Each Little Universe (2020) // [fantasy]
Short Story Reviews: Battered Heart (2021) & On the Edge of Salt (2020) // [short stories]
Poetry Review: A Graceless & Flourishing Heart (2023) // [poetry collection]
Poetry Review: Love Lost and Found (2022) // [poetry collection]
Poetry Review: while the rest of the world dances (2022) // [poetry collection]
Book Review: Sordaneon (2021) // [grimdark, epic fantasy]
Book Review: Safe & Sound (2022) // [romance, suspense, lgbt+, novella]