Master List of My Books

Standalones (links further down)

The Outlands Pentalogy (new cover editions):

The Outlands Pentalogy (original cover editions, 2017-2021):

The Outlands Pentalogy:

A Touch of Death | A History of Madness | A Promise of Return | A Dance of Lies | A Time of Prophecy

dystopian, action/adventure, science fiction, romance

map of the kingdom


These Violent Nights | fantasy, dystopian, romance

(original cover)

Haze | urban fantasy, romance, mystery

A Game of Wings and Marks | urban fantasy, romance

Dust & Lightning | novella, science fiction, adventure

A N T H O L O G I E S / S H O R T S T O R I E S

The Man and the Crow | short story, fantasy, romance

Indie Bites, Vol. 1: Vampires & Voyages is available online for free, in paperback and podcast.
Indie Bites, Vol. 2: Mermaids & Mythology is available online for free and in paperback.

Spellbinding: An Anthology of Magic is currently out of print.

The short story I wrote for it has been republished as a standalone here.

A Map for The Outlands Pentalogy

The new ebook and paperback covers are now available!

My immensely talented friend Jenna-Claire Ellis created a map of the Kingdom of Cutta from The Outlands Pentalogy, and is kindly letting me share it with everyone! I’m honestly so blown away by how beautiful it is!

A hand drawn map of the Kingdom of Cutta. The places are: Clearbow, Rinlow, Eyre, Muntenia, Talon, Nitoib, Eastern Islands, Southern Lands, Redland, Anais, Cutta, Mount Vulpine, Redwater Prison, Blues Cove, Perry Mines, Bernstein Prison. There's a hand drawn sail ship and a sea monster in the water in the middle. There are mountains scattered around the edges. A compass rose is at the top.

Map of Cutta ©Jenna-Claire Ellis

A Touch of Death (dystopian sci-fi, action/adventure, romance), published in 2017.
A History of Madness (dystopian sci-fi, action/adventure, romance), published in 2017.
A Promise of Return (dystopian sci-fi, action/adventure, romance), published in 2017.
A Dance of Lies (dystopian sci-fi, action/adventure, romance), published in 2018.
A Time of Prophecy (dystopian sci-fi, action/adventure, romance), published in 2019.

*In 2022, A Touch of Death made it to the semi-finals of the first Self-Published Science Fiction Competition (SPSFC) and ended up in 8th place! Very proud of ATOD!

All the book covers for the 30 SPSFC semi-finalists.
Badge reads: Self-published Science Fiction Competition Semifinalist 2021.

Small picture of a laser above SP.
The 30 SPSFC semi-finalists - ranked: Steel Guardian, Iron Truth, Captain Wu, Starship Nameless #1, A Star Named Vega, In the Orbit of Sirens, Monster of the Dark, Duckett & Dyer: Dicks for Hire, A Touch of Death, Mazarin Blues, Dead Star, Lost Solace, Dog Country, Gates of Mars: Book 1 of the Halo Trilogy, Arvekt, Daros, Destroyer, Dusk Mountain Blues, The Last Shadow, The Dinosaur Four, Zero Day Threat, Of Cinder and Bone, What Branches Grow, Resistance (Divided Elements #1), Shadows of Mars, Broken Ascension, All the Whys of Delilah's Demise, Age of Order, Life on Planet Earth, The Hammond Conjecture, Convergence (A DRMR Novel, Book 1)

Old Cover Editions