Book Review: The Guard of Woestynn (2023)

a background photo of an old, classic style library with two storeys; test cut out of a blue banner reads: book review

The Guard of Woestynn by E.M. McConnell

I had no idea what to expect diving into this one! I was kindly sent a few of the author’s books and just dove straight in. I think that works really well for this one.

It’s a very short little novella and follows Ford, a prison guard newly arrived on a dust ridden planet where the prisoners of the gravest crimes in the galaxy are dropped off and have to earn the right to be let inside the prison. The way to earn that right is by collecting ore and selling it back to the prison. At the same time, there are some prisoners who have no desire to be in the prison and have adapted to the harsh environment and put the new prisoners in danger. (There are also dangerous creatures the prisoners have to contend with.) When Ford witnesses this, he tries to come up with a way of protecting the prisoners outside the prison so that they have the time to find the ore and gain entrance to the prison.

I thought the questions the novella posed were quite interesting, and I could really visualise the setting and the scenes. A very thought provoking story!

Thank you to the author for sending me a paperback edition to review!

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