Comic Review: Haunted Safari (2023)

Haunted Safari by J. Burrello

‘Okay, so I think we need to address the elephant in the room.’
‘Why? He’s in the same room. Wouldn’t we have the same address?’

From Burrello’s website.

OH WHEN I TELL YOU I LAUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHED. Like, legit a funny comic book!

I was familiar with Burrello’s artwork coming into this because I’m the biggest fan of Michelle Franklin’s Werewolves Don’t Celebrate Hanukkah and Dragons Don’t Celebrate Passover, both of which are just absolutely precious and are now on my permanent rec list for Jewish holiday books (seriously go check them out!!). Burrello also did her adorable The Orc Who Saved Christmas! So, big fan already. But in addition to appreciating the gorgeous illustrations of whacky little characters – each of whom is just whimsical and strange in a great way and unique – there’s wonderful humour and commentary and observations in this collection.

Now, it’s not one long story overall, but rather each page (or sometimes a few pages) tells a singular story, like an old timey comic strip. Each one is self contained (see above) and oh so funny. There were definitely some pages where I’d turn the screen to my husband because I couldn’t stop laughing, which is surely the mark of a great comic strip! I really can’t recommend this enough! It’s everything you want in a humour comic strip!

Thank you to the author for an advanced review copy.

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