Book Review: Scorn and Sorrow (2022)

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Scorn and Sorrow (Adventures of a Villain-Leaning Humanoid #3) by Jamie Jackson

He couldn’t understand being Vengeance. It’s not always avenging the innocents; vengeance is in the petty, the selfish, the jealous. It’s in the rage and fury that comes from being side-lined, abandoned, disregarded. It sounds like it should be associated with justice, but they’re nothing alike. Often, you’ll find vengeance in the small things, the ones that seem inconsequential.

What a wonderful follow up to Fear and Fury and Torment and Tarnish! Thankfully no Rat Kings or zombies in this one, but we do get an intriguing new take on the Greek Gods and ancient snake monsters. (Oh no, not the SNEKZ!) I loved the backstory that came with this one and the reveal about Meg’s powers and history.

Ranger – whomst I wanted to smack in da noggin in book two – did improve in this book. Okay, I’m willing to stand corrected, ha! It helped that he was protective and not flirty with Meg in this one instead. Once he stopped flirting with her and boundary stomping and just became a bro, he became a much, much better dude. And when he jumped into protective mode after Bacchus and the river, etc. The scene when he finds her after Poseidon fully won me over. I CAN ADMIT I CHANGED MY MIND LMAO.

I loved all the Meg/Greg moments in this one. Poor Greg is going to give himself grey hair if he has to keep dealing with all the people messing with her. Bless his weary heart. I love that my OTP is finally engaged and they’re being all cute and shit. I LOVE THEM, YOUR HONOUR. Further, as someone who very much agrees with Meg on avoiding all the wedding fracas and brouhaha, I hope they get their quiet moment. Greg’s little suggestion at the end was just adorable.

Greg’s family need to chill like 600%. When you’ve got the brother with a blabber mouth, the judgemental mother and the sisters who want a splashy wedding, Flightpath fast became my favourite of his kin, ha! And he seemed to actually want to get to know them and cared about their relationship whereas it seemed like Greg’s brother and mother wanted to break them up. Not cool. I hope we get more Flightpath and Greg bonding moments in the next book. I was feeling quite bad for him when he was talking about his sons’ rejection! 😦

Maniac is a fun new addition and I’m excited to have her as part of the crew. And Virgil is, as ever, the adorable long suffering father-figure to them all and I love him. Really love the whole team now (yes, even Ranger, ha!).

To book four!

Thank you to the author for a review copy.

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