Some Book Stats

The results of the free promo on my books has been wonderful! A Promise of Return is currently in the #1 position in LGBTQ+ Science Fiction on the Zon, and at #5 in Gay Fiction, along with A Time of Prophecy at #6.

A History of Madness, A Promise of Return, A Dance of Lies and A Touch of Death are in the top 10 of Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction!

A Dance of Lies is also currently at #7 in Science Fiction Adventure!

A Game of Wings and Marks is #110 in Paranormal & Urban Fantasy!

The Man and the Crow is currently at #7 in 45-Minute Romance Short Reads!

Dust & Lightning is currently at #37 in Dystopian Science Fiction!

The free promo continues for another day! Thank you so much to everyone who has shared my links, spread the word and picked up a copy! Means the world to me!

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