#IndiePride: T. R. Hamby – Bright Land

TR Hamby's Bright Land. #IndiePride


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T. R. Hamby has been writing stories since she was tall enough to reach the keys on the family computer. She began writing novels when she was thirteen, hoping to publish one day, and debuted a short story about a mischievous cat as a Christmas present for her family. Her characters are some of her dearest friends, and there’s never a time when she doesn’t have a story in her head. She resides in Florida, with her dog, Wanda, and her cat, Joey. She currently has 10 books published including: fantasy, steamy romance, LGBTQ, psychological thriller and contemporary women’s love/friendship.


Blurb for Bright Land:
Nick Olsen is the lead singer in a band, a brilliant student at Julliard. One more semester and he’ll be free to focus on the band full-time. Until then he gets to live with his new roommates. One of them is Drake Madison, and as soon as Nick meets him he falls hard.

Drake Madison is just trying to get away from his controlling stepfather. A few more years and he’ll be free. He can’t afford any distractions, and he certainly can’t date. But then Nick arrives, and he’s torn. He has to keep up appearances. But Nick draws him in with each meeting, and Drake can’t get enough.

Their love feels meant to be. But can it survive what’s to come?

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