#IndiePride: Gaia Octavia – Hidden Gem

'In a violent destructive world, can love survive?' Hidden Gem (The Travelers Book 1) by Gaia Octavia. #IndiePride


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'In a violent destructive world, can love survive?' Hidden Gem (The Travelers Book 1) by Gaia Octavia.

Jade has spent the last eight years under the thumb of the sadistic leader of a raiding camp, where he has learned to grow numb, to feel nothing, and it works for him. But everything changes the day he spots a new captive at the camp–a beautiful, green-eyed boy named Emit–who looks at Jade like he is more than just a prisoner.

Emit has grown up within the safety of his family’s camp until the day he is taken by a band of raiders and thrust into a terrifying, hellish world. Just when he gives up hope, Jade risks everything to free him and escape. If caught, both boys will suffer an unimaginable fate, and with the leader of the camp on their heels, Emit is forced to rely on the boy he’s only just met.

Jade has no idea how to navigate through the trauma of his past. Emit has no idea how to navigate the world on his own. Together, they set out in hopes of finding Emit’s family. Slowly, both Jade and Emit learn to trust that no matter what, they will be there for each other. When an abrupt decision alters their lives forever, both are left doubting that there may be a new beginning for them, somewhere at the end of it all.

Author provided trigger warnings: Please be aware that this book includes characters working through trauma. It includes references to past trauma, including child abuse, rape, and sexual assault, which may be difficult for some readers.

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