#IndiePride: Coffee Quills – Blasted Research & Spells, Snow & Sky

Coffee Quills, Blasted Research: A post-apocalyptic polyamorous romance; Spells, Snow and Sky: a polyamorous paranormal romance. #IndiePride

THIS #INDIEPRIDE SPOTLIGHT POST FOCUSES ON Coffee Quills’ Blasted Research & Spells, Snow & Sky

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Blasted Research | Spells, Snow & Sky

Blurb for Spells, Snow & Sky:
Sky needs breathing room. Keeping a photographer on a short leash is, in her opinion, an act of cruelty. Fleeing Florida and landing in Hokkaido might just be the act that saves her sanity, even if it dooms her romantically. Yuki wishes to leave Japan. Not forever, but to at least travel the world for a while with a lover at her side. The hard part is figuring out how a being of ice and snow can survive outside of Hokkaido’s winters. Nyssa needs to find her runaway girlfriend. Too bad she doesn’t want to be found and has turned off her phone. When Nyssa receives a panicked farewell though, all her wants center on arriving in enough time to save her love. It’s going to take honesty, communication, and some heart-felt apologizing for things to be okay between everyone… but Sky’s not going to settle for just “okay” when, with a little push, there’s happiness on the horizon for all of them. A fluffy, cotton candy paranormal romance where being poly is the solution, not the problem!

Blurb for Blasted Research:
Safety is better than happiness, right?

Dr. Jules considers xemself to be lucky. Even if there are venomous thoughts and stagnant governmental practices inside Dome, there are also warm beds, stable food supplies, and an interesting job studying radiation at the Science Center. Sure, xe might not be the happiest person there, but it’s a good life. Better than the wasteland of poisoned trees and mutated creatures xe could have been born into. Then comes xyr newest assignment: go to the nearby Bells River, gather fresh samples, and bring them back to Dome for radiation testing. Looking the bright side, at least this will excuse xem from yet another blind date xyr mother set xem up on. And when they come back, xe’ll receive a raise!

Wasteland adventure? Bring in the experts!

Kirk and Li are the wasteland guides hired to keep Dr. Jules safe as xe gets water and mud from Bells River. Unfortunately, when it comes to Domies and the outside world, it’s easier said than done. Those inside people know nothing about spitting spiders, let alone how quickly the environment can turn against a person. And spotting thieves before supplies are stolen? Ha! For Li and Kirk, the payment is worth the aggravation. Educational and instructive books that’ll help make life easier for their family and future generations.

There and back again, quick as can be.

But the wasteland loves its little surprises and it’s going to take every ounce of determination, sacrifice, and friendship to stay alive… let alone find happiness.

A post-apocalyptic adventure leading to acceptance, hope, and romance, it’s Station Eleven meets Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts!

Author’s Tags: neopronouns xe/xem/xyrs, nonbinary & asexual Jules, bisexual Li, gay Kirk, poly is the solution not the problem, found family, hurt/comfort, knife wounds, spiders, cursing Kirk, self-accepting Jules, Li gets to manage these two (good luck Li), all the gooey feelings, happy ending.

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