#IndiePride: Meg Radiant – A Twist in the Rift

A Twist in the Rift: Rift Runners #1 by Meg Radiant. #IndiePride


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A Twist in the Rift: Rift Runners #1 by Meg Radiant. Available now!
A Twist in the Rift: Rift Runners #1 by Meg Radiant.

If you could travel to different worlds, would you ever come back to this one?

Lyrica is the usual final year university student, except that she has the ability to see Rifts – portals to other worlds in this Universe. When her acquaintance Basil, a time-travelling archaeologist from the future shows up and needs her help, well, why would she resist the call of adventure? But what of these new aliens that have joined their group – will they draw Lyrica out of her self-justified, self-imposed loneliness? What will happen when the adventure turns more dangerous than anticipated?

In this first story of the Rift Runners Saga, find out what life is like when you can travel almost anywhere, and almost anything can happen! 

Meg Radiant currently lives in Winnipeg, Canada with her two silly cats. Professionally trained in the sciences, she always gravitates toward sci-fi and fantasy books. Her debut sci-fi novella, A Twist in the Rift, is hopefully the beginning of a long writing career. Find out about Meg’s future projects by visiting her website and signing up for her newsletter!

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