#IndiePride: J. E. Glass – Undergrounder

Jae E Glass. Undergrounder by J.E. Glass. #IndiePride


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Undergrounder by J.E. Glass surrounded by arrows: all female case, healthy relationships, mutual pining, friends to lovers, that sweet hurt/comfort, fangs, claws and set oh my, scream into your pillow angst, soft, nerdy butch, bed-sharing trope, beauty and the beauty to the max, hidden worlds.
Undergrounder by J.E. Glass

Drowned by men. Saved by a monster.

The last place Alexandra Bailey expects her routine life of domestic journalism to lead is being sucked into icy floodwaters below New York City with a knife in her ribs. Headlines like this happen to other people, but it’s real, and she knows she’s dead. Which makes the circumstances of her survival as impossible as the woman who drags her from the water.

Saved but hardly safe, Alex wakes in the Underground, a world of misfits and monsters thriving below the streets. It’s a journalism goldmine. One Alex can’t resist digging into after learning her beastly savior is Leanna Farrow, adopted daughter of an infamous and “presumed dead” scientist. But Alex’s curiosity, coupled with her rapidly developing feelings for Leanna, put both women in danger when Alex’s inquiries pique the interest of a powerful family with bloody connections to the Underground.

If Alex wants to unravel the secrets of the world below she’ll have to walk the razor’s edge, but some mysteries are better left buried.

'An instant favorite and damn near perfect.' 
'I could not put it down. Once I started it was an addiction.' 
'A lovely and fresh addition to one of my favorite genres.' 
Available at Amazon. Pride Sale 99c. 
Undergrounder by J.E. Glass.

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