#IndiePride: E.E. Snead – The Empress of Fay

E.E. Snead. The Empress of Fay: Mask of Shadows by E.E. Snead; The Empress of Fay: Bloodlines of Elements by E.E. Snead. #IndiePride


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moodboard: tarot cards, a woman wearing a mask, a crystal ball on a board, a hand holding a flame, butterfly wings, hand holding electricity, hand holding water, hand holding vial, hands painted like starlight
The Empress of Fay: Mask of Shadows by EE Snead; an asexual MC, a bi fay society, found family, academy mystery, friends to lovers, elemental abilities, amazon & kobo.

Blurb for The Empress of Fay: Mask of Shadows:
Ruby Rivers, a fire elemental fairy, gets accepted to the most prominent fighting academy in all the land while holding a deep secret that she must not share. Her plans of wanting to live a normal fay life go erratic when two students go missing and Ruby’s true identity is in peril. Ruby and her friends take it upon themselves to go through whatever means to find the missing students all while learning the terrifying and life-threatening secrets of which the academy and the world holds. Not everyone is what he or she seems to be at this school. The past haunts even the bravest of heroes.

WARNING: This book contains explicit content. Depictions of realization of sexual assault (non-descriptive), murder, and death are present.

Blurb for Bloodlines of Elements:
Ruby Rivers has assimilated into her role as the Empress of Fay with best friend Sapphire Phire by her side. However, the horror of what happened at Starry Sprites still haunts their minds and while they’re trying their best to rule over the three empires, a coup of rogue fays are plotting to overthrow them. The siege of betrayal runs thicker than blood.

WARNING: This book contains depictions of murder, death, abuse, and PTSD.

photo of the author E.E. Snead
E.E. Snead

Bio: E. E. Snead was born in Philadelphia but considers herself a nomad of the lands of Pennsylvania due to her having to move every few years or so. She studied Creative Writing at Bucks County Community College and then English with Film Studies at Indiana University of PA. Her debut was when she started writing interactive fiction for various storytelling apps that generate millions of reads.

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