#IndiePride: Bryony Rosehurst – Love, Anon, Cursed in Love & Meet Me On St. Patrick’s Day

Bryony Rosehurst. Covers for Love, Anon by Bryony Rosehurst; Cursed in Love: An adventure romance novella by Bryony Rosehurst; Meet Me On St. Patrick's Day: A Hayes Family Novel by Bryony Rosehurst. #IndiePride


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Love, Anon by Bryony Rosehurst.

Blurb for Love, Anon:
Christmas is approaching and Arden Hayes is in dire need of a date if only to convince her concerned family that she’s moved on from her failed marriage.

Rosie Gladwell is lonely in a city that isn’t hers, an ocean away from home, and every date that she’s been on ends in disaster. When she comes across an advertisement for someone willing to act as a Christmas date on new social media and dating app, Don’t Be a Stranger, she responds in the hopes that she won’t have to spend Christmas alone — even if it means spending the night pretending to be in a relationship with a stranger. However, as Rosie and Arden get to know one another, they seem to find an instant, undeniable connection. Is it as real as it feels, or just another act? 

Meet Me On St. Patrick's Day: A Hayes Family Novel by Bryony Rosehurst.

Blurb for Meet Me on St. Patrick’s Day:
Is it just the (bad) luck of the Irish that keeps pushing Brennan and Quinn together, or something more?

Quinn Hayes and Brennan O’Keeffe are nothing more than perfect strangers, but when their paths cross often over the years, always on St. Patrick’s Day, they realise that they seem to share a connection they’ve never been able to find with anyone else. Their personal lives are messy and chaotic and ever-changing in so many ways, but their link always remains the same — until a struggling, troubled Quinn makes a misguided mistake, and as a result, believes she has lost Brennan for good.

Years later, she unknowingly walks into his bar, and their lives become entangled once again, with Quinn landing a bartending job as Brennan’s co-worker at Irish pub, O’Keeffe’s. Will they finally get it right this time, or will Brennan’s secrets and Quinn’s shadowy past ruin everything once and for all?

Cursed in Love: An adventure romance novella by Bryony Rosehurst.

Blurb for Cursed in Love:
Ophelia is cursed. Ever since finding an old relic known as Eilidh’s ring in the Scottish Highlands three years ago, Ophelia’s love life has taken a downward spiral. When the opportunity comes to return the ring back to its resting place with its namesake, she seizes it with both hands in the hopes the curse will be lifted. However, when nervy, short-tempered, workaholic Luce is accidentally dragged into her antics (as well as down a couple of waterfalls), lifting the curse proves more difficult than planned — particularly with two con men trailing them in the hopes of getting their hands on a precious rare stone embedded within the relic.

Luce and Ophelia find themselves reluctant allies in their separate attempts to find peace. But hiking through the Hebrides in the middle of winter causes plenty of problems, and with the thieves closing in on Ophelia, tensions run high and feelings begin to develop. Will Luce and Ophelia find common ground and reveal themselves to one another as they work to get the ring back, or will Ophelia be bound to the same tragic fate as Eilidh for the rest of her life? 

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