#IndiePride: Sarah Bell – The Murder Next Door

The Murder Next Door by Sarah Bell, #IndiePride

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Moodboard showing blood, wine, book pages, ink writing, smoke, a vial, an umbrella and a silhouette of a woman beyond a window
The Murder Next Door by Sarah Bell. Ace rep!, currently 99p/99c, murder mystery! Amateur sleuths! On KU! 1912! Yorkshire! Sapphics! Opposites attract! Established couple!
The Murder Next Door by Sarah Bell

A man is found dead on his study floor and his now-missing wife is the obvious suspect. To their neighbour, Louisa Knight, it’s a shocking piece of news but nothing more. However, when she tells her ‘companion’ over breakfast, Ada Chapman nearly breaks their teapot and looks ready to run out the door.

For Ada watched Mrs Pearce leave from the window of her painting studio. A moment’s glance of a fearful face brings back old memories and gives her doubts.

As far as the more pragmatic Louisa is concerned, Ada’s determination to investigate is bound to lead them into trouble. Again. Yet Louisa’s curiosity cannot be denied, and as the pair delve deeper into their neighbour’s life what they uncover only clouds the issue further. The question soon becomes not just ‘Who killed Mr Pearce?’ but also ‘Does that person deserve to hang for it?’

Even if the couple can find the guilty party, will they be able to agree what should become of them?

Author photo of Sarah Bell.

Author bio:
Sarah Bell is a queer indie author. She has enjoyed reading and writing since she was a child, and loves the chance to lose herself in other worlds and times.

Outside of fiction, her interests include history and language. Not too surprisingly then, she has a degree in History & English from the University of Huddersfield.

Her debut novel, The Murder Next Door, was released in June 2021.

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