Author Interview: Mark Jonathan Runte

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1.      Paperback, hardback, audiobook?

Paperback and hardcover. There’s nothing like the smell of paper compared to audiobook or kindle.

2.      Pick a genre, any genre!

Urban fantasy, gothic horror or just horror. Whatever’s dark.

3.      What is the first book you remember reading?

Goldilocks? Maybe, Macbeth might have been my first seen play when I was little.

4.      When did you first start writing?

There was a little school project where we had to write stories and the teacher bound them with cloth when we finished. Mine was a rabbit with purple spots named “Spots”. I still have it … Kind of worried what that little rabbit would do now if I brought her into a manuscript these days since she was bullied for her fur coloration …

5.      What made you want to write? Does it still hold true?

Midnighters by Scott Westerfeld broke my writer’s block in early high school. Does that count?

6.      What book/poem are you most proud of creating?

It would have to be Fly Away Home, though it’s slowly being replaced by its tie in “prequel” Siuil a Run.

7.      Did you publish your first book or is it for your eyes only?

Self-publishing my first soon. As expensive as that was, I needed to get a feel for publishing in general before I started trying to go indie.

8.      How many books/collections have you published so far?

Ash will be my debut. So … one? Unless it’s little drabbles and short stories, in which case three so far.

9.   What genres do you write in (or hope to)?

Horror, urban fantasy, speculative historical fiction. And apparently, epics? In length, rather than quality? I don’t dare compare myself to Tolkien or George RR Martin. Also, I hope I’m a bit faster at typing than the latter.

11.   Do you do research for your writing or is it all in your head?

I research where necessary.

12.   To plan, or not to plan your plot?

A little planning but I’m more of a pantser. Siuil a Run needed a plan, mostly for the number of POVs involved.

13.   What route of publishing have you chosen? Do you plan to stick with it?

Self for now but I want to get more into indie. Maybe if I’m lucky enough to get an agent, DAW books. *hopeful*

14.   If you could live inside another author’s universe, which one would you pick? (Ex: Middle Earth, Narnia, etc.)

It would be Seannan McGuire’s Ghost Roads series.

15.   Do you currently have a WIP?

More than I maybe should? There’s Shadow as the sequel to Ash, and two more urban fantasy things unrelated to that.

16.   Tell me about the character you’ve created who is dearest to your heart.

So many. I love them all when I write – even the bad, morally dubious ones.

17.   What do you consider your *current* magnum opus?

Siuil a Run, for its complexity.

18.   Do you have a favourite romance in your books? Or, if yours features no romance, tell us about your favourite character friendship!

Militsa and Hrafn, those two just can’t get a break when it comes to a war and different social positions. He’s a prince, she’s a lowborn bard. And they aren’t even the same people. Shapeshifters, yes, but there alternate forms are a wolf and raven, respectively.

19.   Do you listen to music as you write? Recommend a favourite writing song.

Ironically, the same song I used to title this manuscript with.

20.   Do you have any character art for your books, whether by you or another artist? (Be sure to credit/link if you can!)

I have a cover for Ash, it’s sitting as my Twitter and Facebook banner right now. Nothing yet for Siuil a Run but I haven’t gotten to the beta stage of that WIP.

21.   If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring author, what would it be?

Keep at it and read lots.

22.   Have you entered any writer contests? Tell us about your experience!

No, but I suppose querying and submitting to small journals counts as a contest? It’s all a lottery on acceptances, isn’t it?

23.   Who are your top 5-10 favourite writers?

Seannan McGuire, Holly Black, Dorian Sinnott, May Howell … that list could go on forever, honestly.

24.   Link us your book/twitter/goodreads or wherever we can best connect with you!

No book link yet but that’s coming soon. So for now, here’s my Twitter. I’ve got Patreon as well but that’s probably best left lying where it is for now. It isn’t … clear how to best use that at the moment.

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