Author Interview: Greg McManus

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1.  Paperback, hardback, audiobook?

I currently have three books out on Amazon. So I am an author. I read all of the above plus ebooks.

2.  Pick a genre, any genre!

Yes, any genre … I write mystery-thriller books with a little bit of romance.

3.  What is the first book you remember reading?

Pippi Longstocking. I was in third grade.

4.  What book shaped your childhood most?

I think that would have to be The Hobbit.

5.  When did you first start writing?

I started writing poem in high school but never seriously. My first time of actually writing started in 2015.

6.  What made you want to write? Does it still hold true?

Boredom actually. I was in CA alone and tired of staring at the motel walls and thought about creating a Christmas present for my wife.

7.  What book/poem are you most proud of creating?

The Bunker as it created the characters that I used in my other books.

8.  Did you publish your first book or is it for your eyes only?

I published it on Amazon.

9.  How many books/collections have you published so far?

I have three books and two works in progress.

10.  What genres do you write in (or hope to)?

Mystery thriller and one WIP is a fantasy adventure.

11.  Do you do research for your writing or is it all in your head?

My research involved places I’ve actually lived in. Everything else is from my head.

12.  To plan, or not to plan your plot?

I don’t really plan it I just let it flow.

13.  What route of publishing have you chosen? Do you plan to stick with it?

I use Amazon self-published books because I don’t know anything about traditional publishing.

14.  If you could live inside another author’s universe, which one would you pick? (Ex: Middle Earth, Narnia, etc.)

Definitely Middle Earth.

15.  Do you currently have a WIP?


16.  Tell me about the character you’ve created who is dearest to your heart.

Jesse Jaines.

17.  What do you consider your *current* magnum opus?

I don’t know if I really have one.

18.  Do you have a favourite romance in your books? Or, if yours features no romance, tell us about your favourite character friendship!

It would have to be Robbie and Millie from The Huntress.

19.  Do you listen to music as you write? Recommend a favourite writing song.

‘Memory’ from Cats.

20.  Do you have any character art for your books, whether by you or another artist? (Be sure to credit/link if you can!)


21.  If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring author, what would it be?

Just let your ideas flow and don’t worry about getting it perfect the first time.

22.  Have you entered any writer contests? Tell us about your experience!


23.  Who are your top 5-10 favourite writers?

Tolkien, Jane Austen, Dickens, King, Crichton, Follet, Carr.

24.  Link us your book/twitter/goodreads or wherever we can best connect with you!

The Bunker (Jesse Jaines mystery)
The Huntress (Jesse Jaines mystery)
The Senator’s Daughter (Jesse Jaines mystery)

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