Book Review: Bound (2021)

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Bound by Kat Kinney

“What matters is intent. I feel you beneath my skin, know how you’ve tortured yourself all these years to make sure you wouldn’t hurt another person. Your magic can do terrible things, but you would never let it. You aren’t like the others. You saved me. Every day I live is a gift because the vampires nearly destroyed my mind, and in that terrible second, when I was convinced I couldn’t live with the pain any longer, you didn’t let go.”

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Stephen Colbert dramatically fake crying and waving his hands, text says: 'I just feel like my heart is going to burst because it's full of rainbows.'

Okay, so total confession – I skipped book two. Which, of course, I’m now going to circle back to because book three was FABU and I totally want to catch up on the other characters and couples and DRAMAS. Book three was put forward for #IndiePride, though, so I wanted to dive straight in as I’m trying to read as many books for #IndiePride as I can.

>> My review of book one, Dark, is here. I really enjoyed that one, but I think I loved Bound a small bit more! West and Topher were just so HEART EYES the whole way through and I want more of their story. My goodness, Kat Kinney really knows how to write tension and angst and longing.

“Don’t.” West inhaled sharply. “I can’t breathe when you look at me like that.”

As much as I loved every interaction between West and Topher, I also adored Topher’s determination to find his brother. Just, YES. Loved it. Chef’s kiss. Hats off. I really hope we get more of the brothers in later books because I feel like there is so much to develop on that front and I want to know more!

West’s turmoil was so well done, too. The focus on his inner conflict was wonderfully executed and I simply adored him. (I’m trying not to spoil here~). I’ve got to circle back to book two next, and then on to book four, because after Bound’s ending I have QUESTIONS and EXPECTATIONS. I also have a lot of ships I want actualised.

gif from New Girl, Schmidt is beside Winston saying 'Gimme it!'

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