Book Review: Starlight (2021)

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Starlight by Lauren Jade Case

“I just don’t understand what’s happening and what’s not happening. But I want to be a Creature.”

a gif of a fairy with wings holding hands with a man

I must say it was the cover that first caught my eye. It’s just so stunning. It sort of evokes Arthurian feels, yanno? I am just absolutely enamoured with it. The inside is also beautiful! So, hats off!!

Starlight is a sparkling debut from Lauren Jade Case, and the first in The Starlight Trilogy. Readers who adore a heavy focus on family and friendship with their magical adventures should definitely check this one out!

There once was a Being, a Being of nothingness; no light or dark, no matter or time, no life or death. It was a lonely existence. And so they created.

Great opener, right?

Starlight follows young Natalia Whitehall on the eve of her eighteenth birthday. All is not well, for Natalia is starting to see things. Things that make no sense. Like a giant scorpion, a wolf, and a horrifying murder scene that vanish as if they were never there. Before she knows it, her entire world is turned upside down when she learns that she’s a fairy. But Natalia’s new life doesn’t come easy, and embracing her life as a fairy is more complicated than just realising magic is real.

Something I noted early on was the cool way Lauren Jade Case set up the universe. There’s the familiar vampires, fairies, etc, but she puts a cool spin on the idea of good versus evil, of souls and love.

Creatures had the same average life-span as Humans – Vampires and Fairies excluded. However, most of the time, the nature of their Purpose cut their lives short. That meant a lot of Creatures sped through life. They tended to fall in love quicker, deeper too […] It made their connections stronger, and though that didn’t mean they would only ever fall in love with one person, most seemed to.

a gif of a man cheering saying 'I love it! I love it so much!'

I love this kind of stuff. Soul mates? Destined to be? Fantastic. Love it. Thankyouyesmoreplease.

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