Film Review: Logan’s Run (1976)

a dark red room with a dark red projector; text says 'film review: r. crunden'

I meant to write this film review months ago and I had it half-started and then totally forgot to post it. So of course now I should probably rewatch the film to refresh my memory, ha! But don’t take my procrastination as a sign that I didn’t enjoy the film. I thought it was fantastic! A true dystopian, sci-fi classic.

Logan’s Run takes place in the year 2274 where humans live in a futuristic dome, sheltered from the outside world and living lives of bountiful joy – with one painful catch: no one makes it past thirty. They are ‘renewed’ i.e. killed. Logan is a Sandman, one who works to maintain rule and keep anyone who doesn’t voluntarily ‘renew’ from ‘running’. When Logan suddenly finds himself running for his life, he encounters Jessica, and the pair join up to escape.

I must say, I was really impressed by the special effects in the movie! Like, really, really good special effects. Obviously 1976 special effects seem a bit dated now, but there were so many little things they had that I was just blown away by: the hover cars, the dome, the technology, the futuristic depiction of the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. It’s up there with Star Wars: A New Hope!

The storyline was fun and tense, suspenseful and engaging, and I liked the ending. I also really like Logan and Jessica as characters. Definitely a great film for sci-fi lovers and a true classic!

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