Short Story Reviews: Moon Song (2017) and The Weatherman (2021)

an above shot of someone eating breakfast, drinking tea and reading a magazine; text says: 'short story review: r. crunden'

Moon Song by Tom Mock

At daybreak, if she was right, the sun would split the ocean from the sky and rush across the water to meet her atop the eastern most dunes as she would be ever after—new. If she was right. If any of us could ever be anything except exactly what we are.

I was really impressed by the prose in this tale. The atmosphere was really well set by the author and maintained throughout. I don’t want to spoil it, as it’s quite short, but definitely a dark, enthralling read.

The Weatherman by Michael Bergman

“You’re not predicting the weather, Tomas. You’re controlling it. You get that from your grandfather.”

What began as a seemingly simple tale of a disgruntled weatherman fresh out of a job morphed into a tale of fatherhood, relationships, growing up, familial complexities, fantasy and mythology all rolled into one!

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