Book Review: Fear and Fury (2021)

Fear and Fury by Jamie Jackson

I can tell a hero from a non-hero. It’s in the strut.

I read a lot of superhero comics, but I haven’t read too many books with superheroes. I think the last one I read was Into The Dark: Book One of the Infinite Crossover Crisis, but I don’t know if I’ve actually read any others? But I definitely should! Especially after the fun of Jamie Jackson’s debut.

Fear and Fury is bursting with humour, wise-cracks, spunk, superheroes and villains (some more villainy than others; after all [b]eing a villain takes too much effort anyway). To be more precise, our wise-cracking MC Meg is a superhero who doesn’t want to be a superhero, thank you very much. She really just wants to be left alone. That is, until Greg shows up. Greg is a superhero who quite likes being a superhero and finds himself thoroughly charmed by Meg. AND I STAN GREG A BIT, LET ME JUST GET THAT OUT THERE.

The banter between Meg and Greg is super cute. But also their relationship as a whole is straight of the OTP handbook and I am HERE. FOR. IT.

“Are you flirting with me again?”

I will say that Greg became my absolute favourite character. Meg was great, but Greg just absolutely stole my heart. He was so sweet, protective, gentlemanly, dedicated and loyal. Sometimes I wanted to shake Meg for giving him so much grief, haha. But despite her armoured tendencies, she lets him protect her from time to time and it was ^____^

Look, sometimes a little fear is a healthy thing. Putting the ridiculously strong man between me and the murdering demon creature was a better idea than staying exposed. Especially when said murdering demon creature wanted to specifically murder me.

He’s just such a little hero. Which, hilariously, is precisely why Meg doesn’t like him straight away and exactly why I do, haha. But he’s just so charming and patient with Meg.

You know those grumpy x sunshine tropes? This is that to perfection! I just wanted to draw little hearts around their smooshy faces.

Seriously, the number of times I wanted to yell JUST KISS at Meg and Greg is … a lot. (◕‿◕✿)

The writing style of the book reminded me both of the film Kick Ass and almost kind of Gossip Girl? Meg is relaying the story to you, so it’s both first person and addressing the reader. Meg’s humour sparkles throughout the novel and I really liked how Jackson wove banter and emotion into her prose.

Can’t wait to see what Torment and Tarnish brings! Especially after that ending!

pre-review: So happy I won a paperback copy of this one! I’ve heard such good things about it and I’m so excited to dive in! Huge thank you for the review copy!!

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