Book Review: The 13th Zodiac (2021)

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The 13th Zodiac: Book One (The 13th Zodiac #1) by L. Krauch

“White hair, and Eternity on her shoulder.”

This is the first book I’ve read by L. Krauch and it’s a strong start to what looks to be an awesome, fantastical series! I saw the recently released covers for the next books and they look fabulous, I must say. If this book is anything to go by, the next two will be just as steeped in mythology, world-building and heart.


I’m not sure how much of this review is *actually* spoilery, but since I wanna go into some of the worldbuilding and backstory that you don’t get at the start, heads-up. 🙂

Single-shot rifles were no match for a madwoman and her axe.

For those looking for a fantasy romance, The 13th Zodiac is it. With a truly unique twist on the notions of Fate, Time and Eternity, this builds a tale that feels both familiar and fresh. I was really struck by the backstory and basis for the world, and I love the mythos employed by Krauch in the shaping of it.

Time was freed. Now, she seeks her other half so she can repair the Eternal Clock and return things to the way they were, before Urth and Sky made man.

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about worldbuilding and how different authors approach it, and I really like Krauch’s take. Especially the shattering of the Keeper of the Stars and the whole backstory of Time ripping her soul in half and creating Eternity (the 13th Zodiac).

Someone with one black and one white wing wielded the Spear of Stars. But it was not the same Fate I knew. They stood over the bloody body of Time.

The story begins with our lovely prince, one Jase Raion, reaching the island kingdom of Aria and meeting Liya, the lost princess of the kingdom. He literally runs into her, ha, and their lives quickly become entangled. And very quickly we get our OTP.

“All right, princess. It’s time to go.” He gently gathered Liya into his arms.

I MEAN— (/◕ヮ◕)/

The prince and the princess are indeed adorable, shippable characters to be sure, although many of the side characters don’t quite agree! There’s a scene towards the end that perfectly encapsulates this, although I shan’t spoil ya!

From fantasy to mythology to action/adventure to found family to romance, Krauch manages to pack an impressive amount into her debut novel and I can’t wait to see what fantastical tales this author comes up with next!

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