Currently Reading: Dim Stars by Brian P. Rubin

Dim Stars on Goodreads

You know those books that are so awesome that you want to full commit your attention to them, only you can’t because you’re fucking busy and you never have time to sit down and soak up the universe the author has created? Yes, this is exactly the sort of conundrum I’m having with Dim Stars. It’s so freaking cool and cute and interesting and I’m loving it so far, but I haven’t had time to properly sink my teeth into it yet because, as I’m prone to do, I don’t like picking it up unless I have a full attention span. READER PROBLEMS YO.

But allow me to direct your attention to this glorious book in the meantime:

Plenty of his classmates were drafted into the Fleet when the Forger War broke out, just like he was. But none of them became galaxy-famous war heroes when they were still teenagers. Dash hadn’t aspired to much before the war started, so he wasn’t sure how to aspire to anything at all once it ended.

Firstly, it must be pointed out that this book has a jaw-droppingly cool cover. Better still, from the start, Dim Stars pulls you right in and is great fun! The humour is seriously great! Like,

“We’re one ship on an asteroid filled with who-knows-how-many people who want to shoot at us, which will be jumping into—if I’m not mistaken—another dimension in four minutes.”

Due to the fact there’s a first mate aboard who is a talking Octopus, coupled with the gorgeous cover, my brain instantly imagined an animated version of Dim Stars that was basically Below Decks meets Final Space for the first chapter 😉

Not unlike my beloved Mooncake, Squix, the Octopus in Dim Stars, is the first mate aboard the once-famous Captain Dashiell Drake’s ship and travels the galaxy with him. All comparisons instantly faded, however, as I was quickly immersed in the universe and the world-building is great! You can tell Rubin spent a lot of time fleshing everything out.

Escaping homicidal armored alien invaders was bad enough. Having to exercise while doing it was even worse.

The humour is so great. I love when the author’s voice really comes across.

The main characters are Kenzie and Dash: fourteen year old Kenzie’s just bought a place in Dash’s crew so that she can stick it on her CV. Dash is once-famous, ‘hero of Gantoid IV and intergalactic adventurer’ and now using his old fame to pay the bills with Squix by offering places to cadets for a fee.

I won’t spoil you for the tale, but needless to say this book is a gem and I can’t wait to finish it! Do check it out!

Final RTC. Stay tuned.

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