Author Interview: Elena Nix

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1. Paperback, hardback, audiobook?

Paperback for convenience, hardback for hoarding pretty books, and audiobook for driving.  Also, e-book for economy.

2. Pick a genre, any genre!

If I could only read one genre for the rest of my life, it would be fantasy.

3. What is the first book you remember reading?

The Pokey Little Puppy (Little Golden Books edition).

4. What book shaped your childhood most?

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.

5. When did you first start writing?

It’s something I’ve done for as long as I can remember. It evolved naturally with reading.

6. What made you want to write? Does it still hold true?

The first story I posted online was inspired by a need to make people understand sociopolitical trends from a different, more personal perspective.  It was an erotica-wrapped message to the world.  I have another full-length erotic speculative fiction novel planned that will revolve around social and environmental issues in a near-future setting.  Most of my stories aren’t vehicles of this sort, though. I write them to explore a particular feeling or idea that I want to convey in a sexual context.

7. What book/poem are you most proud of creating?

I’m most proud of an erotic post-apocalyptic trilogy that’s still in progress, so no spoilers!  A reclusive member of an elite class falls for a beautiful firebrand hellbent on loosening his grip on precious resources.  He makes her an offer she can’t refuse: in return for her sexual submission and companionship, he’ll help the town rebuild.  As each struggles for the upper hand in a tumultuous relationship, they discover why civilization has not been able to rebuild after its collapse.

8. Did you publish your first book or is it for your eyes only?

It’s available in serial format online at

9. How many books/collections have you published so far?

I’ve published four books that are commercially available.

10. What genres do you write in (or hope to)?

I write erotic fiction.  I’m considering writing a mystery.

11. Do you do research for your writing or is it all in your head?

While my stories are fantasy, the facts upon which they are based are always accurate.  My next release, Thief, has left me with a browser history that will be difficult to explain if I’m ever investigated in connection with a burglary.

12. To plan, or not to plan your plot?

I never plan the plot in any detail.  I know the direction of the story I want to tell and I may have specific points I want to hit along the way, but I prefer to allow myself the flexibility of going where the characters take me.

13. What route of publishing have you chosen? Do you plan to stick with it?

I work with an independent publisher, so it’s essentially like self-publishing except that my publisher interfaces with the vendors.  I don’t have any plans to change that arrangement at present.

14. If you could live inside another author’s universe, which one would you pick? (Ex: Middle Earth, Narnia, etc.)

Pern, from Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders series.

15. Do you currently have a WIP?

Yes.  I usually have several I’m working on at any given time.  The next to be published is Thief.  In Thief, a spoiled socialite investigates an assistant district attorney after she rejects his advances.  When he discovers her double life as an art thief, he lays a trap for her.  His agents hire her to recover a Nazi-looted painting from his estate.  Once she breaks in, she’s at his mercy.  Her resistance only deepens when she learns that he wants more than sex.

16. Tell me about the character you’ve created who is dearest to your heart.

Mariah from After the Fall is fiercely independent, but her independence is constrained by her sense of moral obligation.  Although she is most comfortable thinking of herself as ruthless, she is a very kind person.  Her greatest joys are her dog, Henry—a bigger, scruffier version of Benji; her naughty tuxedo cat, Duncan; Julia, her elderly Siamese cat; Quincy, the one-legged cricket; and Mister Barnaby, a mouse with a spinal cord injury.  Although she’s a loner, she’s a reliable friend and frequently an anonymous benefactor.  She’s incredibly determined and stubbornness knows no bounds.  She enjoys a good spanking much to her chagrin.

17. What do you consider your *current* magnum opus?

My yet-to-be-written erotic speculative fiction novel about a band of renegades surviving in the wasteland after the environmental destruction of earth is the biggest story I want to tell right now. 

18. Do you have a favourite romance in your books? Or, if yours features no romance, tell us about your favourite character friendship!

My favorite romance is between Cara and Felix from Passion… or Prey?  It’s a dark story and it would not qualify as romantic by most definitions.  Cara and Felix are very passionate people.  In Cara, that passion is unrestrained.  Her impulses are mirrored by a storm that takes place during the book, and it’s a wild one.  Felix is just as passionate, but he suppresses his feelings, much to Cara’s irritation.  At various points in their marriage, they’ve reached what seems to be a point of no return when simmering anger threatens to destroy their relationship completely.  Years ago, during an incident that still haunts Felix, they discovered that a chase (or hunt, as he thinks of it) and sexual conquest were what they needed to exorcise their demons so that their relationship could return to an even keel.  They both get off on it, but during the course of the chase, they are bitter adversaries.  What I like about them is their desperation to do anything at all to reconcile, even when they hate each other.

19. Do you listen to music as you write? Recommend a favourite writing song.

I can’t listen to music while I write.  I find it distracting.

20. If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring author, what would it be?

My advice would be to remember that while you can learn a lot from other writers, they can only tell you what works for them, not what will work for you.  Don’t be afraid to do things your own way.

21. Who are your top 5-10 favourite writers?

I would probably answer this question differently every time.  Right now, my favorites are J.R.R. Tolkien, Emily Dickinson, Charles Dickens, Raymond Chandler, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, James Michener, and 80s-era Dean Koontz.

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