Book Review: Wonder Rush (2021)

book review picture of girl reading book; she's wearing a leather jacket, face obscured.

Wonder Rush by Dan McKeon

No one ever gave her a choice. What do you do when you have spent your entire life, since birth, being trained for a single purpose? What happens once you’re old enough to question things? Is it too late? Has the die been cast?

There are some really great quotes in this book. Like, really awesome and thought-provoking. So I shall pepper them throughout as I cannot choose! Some of them are also just straight up great descriptions. Like, the Wonder Rush bubblegum description is so evocative.

The sticker bore the image of a yellow smiley face. Something like an emoji on steroids. The eyes were wide and blue, and it pursed its lips into a perfect O with a bright pink bubble protruding from them. It raised its eyebrows in a way that suggested that this little smiley face was exuberantly excited about the bubble it was blowing.

Intrigued yet?

Dan McKeon’s debut novel is perfect for spy and thriller fans, or really anyone who likes a badass MCs! It fits right up there with Nikita and Alias. Maybe a bit of Dark Angel? Wendy is a fascinating MC, ruthless and driven, but complex and multi-layered.

The imminent risk of capture would probably make most people apprehensive, but Wendy saw it as a challenge. She was also rather cocky, so thinking she was smarter than a trained detective, while imprudent, was also mentally stimulating.

But Wendy is, like so much of the MC’s life, simply a manufactured creation of the agency she works for who have their own agenda. The agency turned her into what she is, but as Wendy, her life has come to include people she cares about, namely her brother Corey. Being Wendy has given her a new perspective. One she isn’t prepared to simply abandon. Soon, her fake life is upended by her real life and leaves her riddled with questions.

Did they strip her identity from her, or did she never have one to begin with? What exactly has her life been? When it’s all you know, you don’t stop to question it. Becoming a different person, adopting a new identity, a unique hairstyle, a fresh look, a new name, all just felt normal to her.

Overall Dan McKeon’s debut will undoubtedly appeal to fans of thrillers and espionage! 

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