Book Review: A Walrus & A Gentleman (2021)

Book review poster with picture of roses in background.

A Walrus & A Gentleman by Emmaline Strange

Some part of me had always believed in fairy tales, and that part of me had fluctuated in strength and size over the years. Recently, it seemed only to shrink and fade further away, but I knew it was still there, whether or not I would ever admit it.


Everything about this was just ROMANCE and CUTE and GRUMPY LIGHTHOUSE GRUMPS and COSY JUMPERS and BE STILL MY HEART. ☆_☆

Gosh, this is a truly fun and romantic read! Perfect for those who like soft, sweet fairy tales set on windy islands with gruff, bearded lighthouse keepers who are undone by their perky, overly caffeinated cinnamon roll bfs.

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