Book Review: The Summoner’s Cry (2021)

The Summoner’s Cry by Ana C. Reis

Grimoires were wicked things, unpredictable and treacherous like souls often were.

You ever find those books that are so intensely readable that you just fall into the author’s universe and get to the end without realising you’ve even turned the page? This is that book. The Summoner’s Cry is fantastically immersive, with dark fantasy world-building done exquisitely, characters who love, fight and banter with excellent development. For a book that’s only 130~ pages, I’m absolutely blown away by how well done the setting is.

For anyone who loves fantasy and wants an immersive, vivid, vibrant read, this one is worth your time! I cannot wait to read the author’s next work.

pre-review thoughts: the cover caught my eye instantly, and I was absolutely delighted when Ana Reis offered me a review copy. I jumped on it straight away! And I’m so happy I did!! This dark fantasy novella starts with a bang and only continues. I’m a slow reader, but I read about fifty pages of this without pausing. Reis’ worldbuilding is fantastic and the characters are instantly intriguing. Also, I must say that the interior of the book is as gorgeous as the cover. I just love the whole design concept. It’s seriously beautiful.

Thank you to the author for a review copy.

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