Book Review: Dark (2019)

Dark (Blood Moon, Texas Shifters, #1) by Kat Kinney

‘Just like in fairy tales, I was now the monster who couldn’t be destroyed.’

Okay, paging all my werewolf-loving sistren, this is the book for you! Talk about fun, magical, romantic and paranormal! Welcome to a world were weres (heheh) are part of society; some are born, some are Bitten. There are also vampires, and in this world the sun keeps them in line.

From the start, I really enjoyed Hayden and Ethan’s chemistry. Talk about scorching! Plus, complementing these wonderfully actualised characters is Kinney’s great prose that sets you right into their world.

“I fight so that those who cannot will never have to live in fear.”

There is something so fantastic about urban fantasy romance books and I am so glad to be dipping my toe back into the genre. The characters in Dark are spunky and sassy, the angst and drama are high quality, and the humour swaps for action at a wonderful ratio.

Kinney has created a fun, romantic story with fantastical worldbuilding, and I’m excited to see where book two takes things!

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