Shows For Hopeless Romantics (multilingual recs)

For those who, like me, adore a good romance plot line and want more of it, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite shows that are filled to bursting with wonderful romance, emotions and FEELS. A few have longer reviews attached, and I’ve added where I’ve found them, what language they’re in, and the country they’re set in.

Suspicious Partner is honestly so adorable. It follows a woman who keeps landing herself in trouble entirely unintentionally. It gets even worse when she’s wrongly accused of murder! Her paths cross (and cross again) with the prosecutor, and soon the pair join up to solve the mystery of the death she was accused of. (Longer review here.) [On Netflix | Korean | South Korea]

The Road to Love follows Cecilia, born and raised in a trucking family and desperate to make a name for herself in a crowd that doesn’t want her to. From episode one, her best friend Fabián, aka Peluche, declares his love for her and proves himself to be the best friend (and maybe more~) everyone wants. [On Netflix | Spanish | Colombia]

Sense8 is definitely a romantic show. Yes, it has a strong sci-fi/action plot line (the fight/chase scenes are AMAZING) but romantic and platonic love drive the show completely and the characters’ love lives take front and centre. [On Netflix | English, Spanish, Korean, German, Icelandic, Swahili, Hindi | USA, Mexico, SK, Germany, Iceland, UK, India, Kenya]

Summertime is such an underrated gem! Set in an Italian beach community, the story follows Summer, the daughter of a musical family who’s become rather jaded due to her father’s long absences to perform, and the romance that develops between her and Ale, a racer who doesn’t want to race anymore after a bad fall. [On Netflix | Italian | Italy]

Where Your Eyes Linger is a short web series that follows the romance that develops between a bodyguard and his friend, who he’s been tasked with protecting. (Longer review here.) [Online web series | Korean | South Korea]

Virgin River is set in a small, idyllic town where a young widowed doctor relocates to heal and start fresh. She bonds with the locals and finds love with a bar owner. There’s something very sweet and wholesome about this show. If you like Gilmore Girls, Ginny and Georgia, Hart of Dixie or Sweet Magnolias, this one is up your alley! [On Netflix | English | USA]

Romance is a Bonus Book is the perfect show for book lovers. The story follows a young woman with no money and no experience, trying desperately to get hired. She’s living in her best friend’s house without his knowledge so that he doesn’t find out she’s homeless. She soon scores a job at his company and romance blossoms as their lives collide. (Longer review here.) [On Netflix | Korean | South Korea]

One of my favourite costume dramas, Kurt Seyit ve Şura is truly in a league of its own. The story follows a young Russian noblewoman’s romance with a Turkish officer just as war breaks out. (Longer review here.) [On Netflix | Turkish, Russian, Arabic | Turkey]

Another small town romance (although much different from Virgin River), When the Camilla Blooms blends murder into its romance (like Suspicious Partner) and follows the romance and struggles of a young cop and the single mother he falls for while trying to solve a murder. (Longer review here.) [On Netflix | Korean | South Korea]

A Discovery of Witches follows a young researcher/professor arrives in Oxford to study in the old libraries only to accidentally find a book that every vampire, daemon and witch are also seeking. She instantly becomes a target for just about everyone – but not if fellow academic (and vampire) Matthew has anything to say about it. (Longer review here.) [On Sky, Amazon | English, French | UK, USA, France]

Crash Landing on You cannot be over-recommended. A woman from South Korea accidentally hang-glides into NK and lands near a solider. Along with his dearest friends, he keeps her alive and tries to plot a way to send her back to South Korea before they’re all found out. This is truly one of the most fantastic romances I’ve seen and it’s the show that introduced me to Korean dramas. (Longer review here.) [On Netflix | Korean | South Korea]

Bonfire of Destiny, like Kurt Seyit ve Şura, is based on true events. This one is based on a real fire that happened in a French bazaar in 1897. The show follows three women who are in the bazaar and what becomes of them and the men in their lives after the fire. (Longer review here.) [On Netflix | French | France]

If you like bodyguard romances like I do (second on the list, woooo), I probably don’t need to say more, but The K2 is truly a fantastic action/romance series. The chemistry between the two leads tugs at your heart in every scene, the soundtrack is fantastic, and the action scenes have some of the best fighting choreography. SO GOOD. [On Netflix | Korean | South Korea]

Okay, so this is a television film not quite a show, but I’m counting it. I adore Richard Madden and Holliday Grainger, so having them both in a show is true perfection. I haven’t yet read Lady Chatterley’s Lover, but I truly adored this adaptation. [On Netflix, BBC One | English | UK]

Cable Girls is everything you want in 1920s romance and intrigue. The storyline follows four woman in Spain working at a telephone company, who find themselves entangled in politics and thievery after a young woman calling herself Lidia shows up with a plan in mind. Little do her new friends know that Lidia has a lot of secrets, many of which include the company’s boss, Francisco. (Longer review here.) [On Netflix | Spanish | Spain]

Surely a classic already, Poldark is a great show and totally worth your time. I love Demelza so bloody much and even though Ross wrecks my head at times, they’re perfect and their love is beautiful. Ross also has pretty good politics for the era, so hats off to him! (Longer review here.) [On Netflix, BBC | English | UK]

And last but certainly not least, Timeless. Yes, it’s a show that’s centred on time-travel and conspiracy, but what fuels the show is the love the characters had for those they lost and the love that develops between various couples through its two seasons. There is also a huge emphasis on found family and the importance of friendships. The finale also made it clear that love was the driving factor of the show, and I freaking adored every second. Fear not, lads, it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger. (Longer review here.) [On Netflix | English | USA]

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  1. I love this list! Thanks for putting it together, I’ll def use it next time I’m picking something to watch

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