Readerly: New Book Website

Hi guys! So today I learned about Readerly, which is being promoted as the indie alternative to Goodreads. WHICH IS AMAZING OH YAY! I love Goodreads, but it’s always great to see different variations of book comms. It currently needs an invite code to join, but you can get on the waiting list as well. Right now it seems to mostly function via its app, but the layout is really cool and it looks to be a great place for bloggers/reviewers!

Is anyone else on Readerly? I’d love to follow more bookish folks!

8 thoughts on “Readerly: New Book Website

  1. I wish I was on Readerly. I guess I will have to wait.
    If anyone would like to subscribe to, it’s free 24/7/365.

      1. Hi. Yes, I have a Twitter. It’s @johnebialas Conversations is a whole nother world I wasn’t aware of until now. Thank you.

      2. For some reason it wouldn’t let me send the invite via message! Twitter might be being funky or something, not sure.

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