Underrated Movies You Should Watch

Mortal Engines. I don’t understand how this film didn’t get more love, I truly don’t. I fell in love with it the moment I turned it on. It’s Peter Jackson to perfection, the actors are just wonderful, the cinematography is beautiful, and it leaves you feeling like there’s hope at the end, despite the grim setting of a world of moving cities bent on eating each other. I still need to finish reading the book (which is really different, yet is shaping up to be just as awesome) but I truly recommend the film to anyone who hasn’t given it a chance yet. Ignore the reviews, it’s wonderful.

(My longer review for Mortal Engines from a while back is here.)

Kong: Skull Island. These kinds of movies are very hit or miss for me. I liked Peter Jackson’s King Kong, but I didn’t feel as in love with the new Godzilla films, which sort of overlaps universe-wise. The next film coming out is about Godzilla and Kong, which I’m definitely curious about after this one! This one though? This one is everything I want in an action movie: a historical setting, great characters, brilliant classic rock soundtrack, hilarious one-liners like: ‘Run to the side, you idiot!’ a line everyone who has ever watched a movie screams at the screen at some point. It also gave us one of the most fantastically random epic fight scenes ever. Behold:

If you haven’t watched Skull Island, what exactly are you waiting for, hmm?

The Host is a new one for me. I remember watching it when it first came out because I love Saoirse Ronan, but maybe I just needed to be in the right mood for it?? Because when I rewatched it this week, it just stole the emotions right out of my chest and it’s all I’ve been thinking about since. I wrote up a flailing book review for it here, as I promptly picked up the book after watching the film. It’s truly a great story about kindness and found family and the cast are so wonderful and the romance is amazingly angst and it ends so well. Definitely recommend!

Sorry, Jared, lil’ bit.
(gif set credit)

Tomorrowland. Oh my gosh, whyyyyy haven’t more people watched this?? It’s so freaking cool! A young girl finds a coin that shows her another world – a better world – and she sets off to investigate the meaning of the coin and finds more mysteries – and robots! – than she could have ever imagined. The film deals with concepts of utopia/dystopia, optimism/nihilism, history/futurism. I’ve rewatched it so many times and I cannot emphasise enough how underrated this gem is.

Anyone else have a favourite underrated movie that needs more love?

7 thoughts on “Underrated Movies You Should Watch

  1. I’m not sure these would be considered underrated, but I enjoyed these movies in the past year: “Midnight Special” (government is after a father and son, as the son has special powers), “Okja” (girl protects a creature that’s raised for meat), and “Freaks” (a father tells his daughter the outside world is dangerous, so they stay protected in their house, but the daughter is very curious of the outside). All of these are available on Netflix.

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