Show Review: The Mandalorian (2019)

The Mandalorian is probably my favourite Star Wars universe creation thus far. I grew up with the films and I’ve always loved them, but the Jedi sometimes drive me mad. Like, a lot of their methods are just useless or outdated, or they keep making bad decisions that apparently no one’s allowed to question. The Jedi are often downright frustrating. (But I will not hear a word against Luke Skywalker, star prince of the universe, m’kay?) What I’ve loved about the standalone films (Rogue One and Solo are awesome, honestly) and The Mandalorian is the focus on other parts of the solar system and on characters that aren’t Jedi. I’M SO HERE FOR IT.

Din Djarin, aka Mando, is one of my favourite characters in the whole SW universe, if not my favourite. I don’t know if I like the Mandalorians as a group, but Mando is so fantastic. He sticks to the Mandalorian code, but largely follows his own path, and his relationship with Grogu, aka ‘the child’, is just lovely. GROGU IS HIS SON END OF. They are just two precious pears and I love the father/son dynamic of the show. (Obviously very different from the previous father v son dynamic of Vader and Luke).

Getting to see the different planets in the galaxy, learning about the people on the ground who have been swept up in the Empire/Jedi battles, seeing all the new creatures – it’s fascinating. The show is like Star Wars, but make it Firefly + Lost in Space. It’s also wonderfully diverse and well fleshed out. The cinematography is amazing. Also the art at the end?!!? So gorgeous!

Has anyone else watched this one yet? Isn’t it fabulous? PEDRO PASCAL FOR ALL THE AWARDS.

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