Show Review: The Poison Tree (2012)

I love finding hidden gems! I’d never even heard of The Poison Tree until last night and I watched both episodes back to back. What a good find! It has Matthew Goode, MyAnna Buring and Ophelia Lovibond and tells the story of a married couple after the husband is released from prison. The husband did time for a double murder, but the wife is convinced he’s a good guy, and we’re slowly told their story through flashbacks.


The pair, Rex and Karen, met through Biba, Rex’s sister. They’re all something of free spirits, living hedonist lives in the family mansion, living off their father’s money. Biba brings Karen in and the pair fall into a rather obsessive friendship; its obsessiveness is matched by Rex and Biba’s siblinghood, which consumes them both. But it’s torn to shreds when Rex and Karen begin dating. They keep their relationship from Biba for a time, and when she finds out, everything falls apart. To get back at them, Biba starts dating a drug dealer that neither Rex nor Karen approve of and everything quickly unravels.

The story flashes between the past and the present, and at first you don’t know what happened to Biba and who Rex supposedly killed, but in the present, Karen starts getting creepy messages, pictures and break-ins that all seem pointed at uncovering their secrets and ruining the new life they’re making for themselves.

I was honestly not expecting some of the twists in this and was kept in rapt attention. The actors were all great and this is definitely worth a go for mystery/suspense fans.

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