Websites for Book Lovers

One of the great things about the internet is how much more access we have to books, both in the sense that we can come across books we never would have before if they’re largely only published in one country, and because it’s also easier to find indie books that we otherwise might not have been able to access before.

Goodreads: Obviously this is the most popular one. I really do love Goodreads. After Livejournal, it’s probably my favourite ‘social media’ site. The atmosphere is just really lovely and everyone talks books all the time. I’ve made some great friends over there and spend so much time reading different reviews. There are also loads of communities that offer ARCs and review copies of books, so it’s a great place to find books directly as well. Definitely recommend if you’re not over there already!

Reedsy: This website is fantastic for finding indie book new releases. You can easily search via genre and there’s a posting/review system that’s similar to Goodreads. I’ve found and bought some great books from there, but there’s also an option for free books if you review!

Bookbub: This option is great for book deals and sales. You can often find things for 99¢ or completely free. There are best sellers and indie books fairly mixed together, and awesome hidden gems that I’d never have come across otherwise.

Voracious Readers Only: I love VRO! It’s especially great for authors and helping to get the word out, but it’s also for readers. You can sign up for newsletters for books and get access to indie books and ARCs for free. It’s a really good set up.

Honourable mentions/shout outs for StoryOrigin, Booksprout and Storytellers on Tour. I also have more website recommendations over here.

Does anyone have any favourite bookish websites? ♡

9 thoughts on “Websites for Book Lovers

  1. I have just been offererd to join Reedsy. Bookbub- I have not explored it completely. Goodreads, I think everyone here knows about it. The rest I know nothing about. Got to check it out.

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