The Joy of Audiobooks


I’ve loved audiobooks since I was little. I’ve always had terrible insomnia, and audiobooks were how I fell asleep as a child. Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings were all my favourites. My mum and I still laugh about how we can recite Harry Potter thanks to Jim Dale.

For no particular reason, I stopped listening somewhere around my teenage years. Probably because by then I started staying awake writing stories and reading instead, and I sort of drifted away from them. But I’ve rediscovered my love of audiobooks in recent years. GIVE ME ALL THE AUDIOBOOKS. I love listening to books as I walk around or go shopping or clean my flat.

I feel like audiobooks are a wonderful form of storytelling and one that doesn’t get enough love. I mean, stories told are older than stories written, after all. That said, I’m intensely picky about narrators. But the ones that are good are golden.

Current audiobooks I’m listening to:

Does anyone else love audiobooks? Have a favourite narrator?

8 thoughts on “The Joy of Audiobooks

  1. I’ve recently gotten into audiobooks just this year! I started with Elton’s John autobiography, narrated by Taron Egerton who plays him in Rocketman, and I absolutely loved it. None of the audiobooks I’ve listened to since have topped it. They’ve all been autobiographies but I’m hoping to branch out a bit more, and I think my next one will probably be White Fragility, so sticking with non-fiction for now. I hope you’re enjoying your current listens!

    1. Ooooh, I’ve been wanting to check that one out! I’ll move it up my list! (I’m so behind, I still haven’t seen the movie.) I’ve found audiobooks are great for nonfiction!

      1. The movie is fantastic! You’re in for a treat with both the audiobook and the film.

    1. Right?! I love listening to them while doing things around my flat!

      I’ll have to check her out! Any books in particular?

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