Show Review: Lost in Space (2018)

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I absolutely love Lost in Space. It’s a remake of a television show that was a remake of a book that was written in the 1800s. AND NOW IT’S IN SPACE.

The series follows the Robinson family, whose spaceship has just crashed onto an alien planet. A planet that’s kind of, you know, going through some changes of the *cough* seismic and volcanic nature. So there’s a lot of weather problems facing this family atop everything else. The everything else being: finding their way back into space, figuring out who attacked them and if their attackers have followed them to the planet, coming across an alien life form who decides to be the boy’s best friend, encountering a Super Suspicious Person Who Is Most Definitely Not a Lying Liar Who Lies, and more problems besides. For a deserted planet there is DRAMA.

The backstory of why they left Earth and where they plan on going with the other ships is also really interesting. There are plenty of flashbacks to before they crashed on the planet, so you see a futuristic Earth that is quite depressing. But each episode layers in more details that really increase the mystery.

The cinematography deserves an honourable mention as it is absolutely amazing. It’s space porn, basically. I honestly just love the scenery. It’s beautiful. Totally immersive. The robot is also done supremely well and you get the FEELS for a robot man whose only expressions come from a swirling red light in his mask. Most of all, though, the family is the best part.

There’s John, Maureen, Judy, Penny and Will. There’s an undercurrent of tension between the family that is slowly explained over the episodes and will definitely tug at your heart. But dynamics aside, they’re all skilled and you’re never stuck grinding your teeth wishing they possessed common sense. This hearty crew are all well trained.

Maureen and John have a complicated marriage that was almost over before they went into space, and as a result there’s a good deal of head-butting, but there’s no way you’re not rooting for them by the end. Then there’s Judy, the eldest sibling, who is a young doctor (like, really young, I was kind of confused by that at first); Penny, the middle child, is a kind-hearted, hilarious mechanic and every scene she’s in is perfect; and then there’s young Will, who bonds with the robot, and is adorable and so sweet.

My least favourite part was the villain. She just wrecked my head. Like, OH MY GOD, PLEASE GO AWAY. Not just evil, but ANNOYING. The actress did a great job, but holy crap did I want to scream into a pillow every time the character did anything. She can join Umbridge as most annoying and in need of slaps.

But the annoyingness of the villain was offset by the side characters. Other than the main fam, there are other survivors they find along the way, some you love, some that bring complications. The most notable is Don West, who certainly wins the award for space comedian. I mean:

terrible things outsidethis is a comma

Overall the show is nonstop action and adventure, and utterly good fun. The ending of season one was a total cliff-hanger and I’m so excited for season two this month. I need more of this precious family and their robot sidekick in my life!

Recommended to anyone who likes outer space, family adventures, beautiful cinematography and comedy/drama with their science fiction.


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