October-November Book Reviews

Rule Breaker (Mixed Messages #1) by Lily Morton: LGBT, contemporary romance

“Tradition comes from something being so brilliant and such a good memory, that you try to recreate it every time that you can.”

Oh my gosh, I didn’t expect to have so many EMOTIONS whilst reading this. Totally recommend. ❤

Deal Maker (Mixed Messages #2) by Lily Morton: LGBT, contemporary romance, comedy

Thank you for enquiring whether I do my own stunts. The simple answer is no. They tell me jumping a puddle is safe, but what would they know? I could slip and damage my face, and then where would the world be?

This book was hilarious and adorable in equal measure.

Risk Taker (Mixed Messages #3) by Lily Morton: LGBT, contemporary romance

I didn’t love this one as much as the previous two, but still definitely worth a read.

We Will Not Be Strangers: Korean War Letters between a M.A.S.H Surgeon and His Wife by Dorothy G. Horwitz (Editor), Mel Horwitz: non-fiction, military history, Korean War history

Men killing, destroying, sitting in cold and mud and filth. Do they really hate each other? I doubt it.

Really interesting letters between a surgeon and his wife.

Sanguineous by Diana Waters: short story, fantasy, LGBT

How did one fight a wave or halt a lightning strike?

What a fabulous short story! Diana Waters doesn’t disappoint with this Hallowe’en vampire tale. And I totally want a sequel now. *drums fingers impatiently*

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